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 Student Organization Dedicated to the Advancement of Humanity (SODAH)

Our Goal: To assist in meeting the United Nations Millennium Development Goals in local, national and global communities, through education, events and fundraising.

 Author, humanitarian,  Greg Mortenson visited SXU in February 2011. SODAH supported Mortenson's visit to campus by fundraising for his Pennies for Peace program on campus and throughout or local communities. Pennies for Peace builds schools in rural Pakistan and Afghanistan, educating boys and girls. For more information go to page, About Pennies for Peace.

 The above video presents personal accounts of Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan & the need to meet MDG 3 (promote gender equality) Please be advised, some images are disturbing.


 SODAH student group is a member of         Millennium Campus Network (MCN)http://millenniumcampusnetwork.org

 SODAH Supports SXU Student  Groups:  

 American Red Cross Club                                   Campus Ministry                                              Education Club                                                      Anime                                                                   Improv Club                                                           Mercy Students for Peace and Justice                NAACP Interest Group                                        Service Club                                                       Students for Justice in Palestine                           Student Nursing Association                                Student Organization for Veteran Affairs                 SXU Pre Law Club                                                     The Alliance                                                          Unidos


UN Millennium Development Goals

1. Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger

2. Achieve Universal Primary Education

3. Promote Gender Equality& Empower Women

4. Reduce Child Mortality

5. Improve Maternal Health

6. Combat HIV/AIDS Malaria & Other Diseases

7. Ensure Environmental Sustainability

8. Build a Global Partnership for Development   

     *SODAH  supports legal reform for basic Animal Rights and contributes to the prevention of the most gruesome and  unnecessary types of Animal Testing. Animal Rights has come to be known as, "The Last Humanitarian Cause." 

  "The question is not, Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? but, Can they suffer?" 

Jeremy Bentham


SODAH Mission Statement

Through informing and educating others

evolving local, national and global laws and perceptions,

offering relief and assistance to those in need,

insisting upon humane treatment to all people

and all living creatures, under all circumstances,

we strive to end avoidable suffering of life

protect the innocent, helpless and vulnerable,

lessen violence and crimes against humanity,

disarm ignorance, racism and discrimination,

lift individuals and cultures out of darkness and oppression,

create a more stable global environment,

and with the grace and guidance of the highest power

                  we might make the world a better place.

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